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Ep.50 - 3rd Wheel Not Required

January 7, 2020

We welcome in the New Year with another amazing show. Peroty is away this week so you are left with the British guy and the best Hunter in the world (he paid me to write that).

This week we bring you more news and information covering the bugs, issues and topics this holiday season. We give our opinions on the Iron Banner this season, the EDZ obelisk and the seasonal reward track.

As always we have a few tips, tricks, guides and builds for you to check out from the world of what the kids are calling today, YouTube.


Jarv – 100% Reckoning Loot & How to get Guaranteed Weapon Drop

Jarv – Mindbenders Shotgun Farm

Datto – God Roll Weapon Guide

Glitchtutorial – Skip Vorgeth in the Shattered Throne

Cheese Forever – Hammer Health Regen Exploit PvP/PvE

Cheese Forever – Telesto Exploit for One Shot Throwing Hammer

Plunder thabooty – God Roll Sidearm the Traveler’s Judgment

Ehroar – Xenophage Post Season of Dawn Review

True Vanguard – Breachlight Sidearm Guide

Fallout Plays – Why Does the Warlock Melee Suck?

Aztecross Gaming – Is Maxing all Stats Possible?

Aztecross Gaming – Why Tier 10 isnt everything in Armor 2.0

Aztecross Gaming – Armored Bomber Hunter Build

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