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Ep.68 - Two Titans On A Podcast, Go Round The Outside

May 11, 2020

Robot Respawn makes his return this week to help keep the guys in check and on task with the show. As per normal we go over the current weeks This Week at Bungie & news roundup. 

We join in the speculation regarding a Luke Smith Tweet and both Robot and (normal?) Respawn have a song to sing.

Plus as always we have a few videos for you to check out from the YouTubes.


This Week at Bungie –May 7th 2020

 Direct Relief

Say No To Rage – We Are Not Prepared

Paul Tassi –Forbes Article: We Are Not Prepared

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

CoolGuy – Sniper/Sidearm Load Out in PvP

BRAVExHERO – Infinite Health PvP Titan Build

TeeGlizzy – Insane Damage DPS Titan Build

Jarv – Ten Second Titan Super Warmind Build

Cheese Forever – Infinite Invisibility & Heart of the Pack Hunter PvE Build

Cheese Forever – Infinite Melee Felwinters Helm / Sunbracers

Cheese Forever – Orbs of Light Bubble Titan Exploit

Pattycakes Gaming – The No1 Thing That Separates Top FPS Players

Mtashed – Kovaak’s Program

Drewskys – Every Accuracy Perk in D2 Explained

Drewskys – Moving Target Explained

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