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Ep.95 – Beyond Light TriPod (Ft. Guardian Down & Guardian Hub)

November 16, 2020

Welcome to the show this week, you asked for it and we delivered. (Well, you probably didn’t ask for it, but we did it anyway) Three Destiny Shows in one! We join the Guardian Hub and Guardian Down this week for a mega episode on Beyond Light. We discuss the new expansion, our impressions and thoughts on this highly anticipated release. Warning for anyone who has not completed the campaign yet, we do talk some spoilers. This episode is broken up into 4 parts. (We added more without those other shows cramping our style  )

Part 1 – Impressions

Part 2 – This Week at Bungie 12th November 2020 (1:20:00)

Part 3 – Questions for the show (1:48:30)

Part 4 – Plus a bonus mini 2TAAH episode with all the Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds. What's happening next week in Destiny and Feedback. (2:49:00)

So sit back and enjoy 3 hours of rambling from your 3 favorite shows combined.


Tips, Tricks, Builds & Guides:

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