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Ep.26 - Tributes & Tribulations

July 22, 2019

This week we kick thing off by discussing the Developer Insight video – Return to the Moon and take a look at what Bungie are hinting that will arrive with Shadowkeep.

We cover the weekly information in This Week at Bungie, for the 18th July 2019.

This week Respawn manages to rants about the debt that is owed to Calus in the tribute hall glitch and a few off topics rants as well.

Peroty’s covers the Destiny known issues in his weekly report and the two Polygon articles that give some hints for finishing moves and armor 2.0 coming in Shadowkeep. Plus all the additional news & information from the Twitters, Forums & Reddits.

With the return of Iron Banner this week we cover the quest steps and give our tips and tricks to help get you through stress free (well sort of)

And as always we have our weekly roundup, of tips, tricks, guides & weapon recommendations from the Destiny community.


Developer Insight – Return to the Moon

This Week at Bungie – 18th July 2019

Destiny 2: Season of Opulence Known Issues thread

Destiny 2 Known Issues

Polygon Article – Finishing Moves

Polygon Article – Armor 2.0

100,000 Baryon Boughs – Shadowkeep challenge Reddit post

Crucible invisibility bug Reddit post

Crucible invisibility bug work around forum post

Press to apply problem forum post

Tuning the timers for Reckoning & drop chances Reddit post

Tarrabah being too weak forum link

Making Baryon Boughs meaningful in the economy forum feedback

One Eyed Mask additional balancing forum post

Conga line emote forum link

Scout Rifles place in the sandbox forum feedback

Patrol Zones, Dungeons & wandering NPCs forum feedback

Faction Rally forum feedback

Braytech Forum Feedback

Cheese Forever – Final Iron Banner Step Cheese

Scoutbird001 forum post detailing Iron Banner Quest

DFP Gunnora’s Axe God Roll video

Ms. 5000 Watts – Hunter Swashbuckler Build

Fallout Plays Swarm of the Raven God Roll and damage guide

True Vanguard video – Jian-7 Pulse Rifle

DPJ – Low Budget Recluse video

Cheese Forever – Perfect Roll Silver Items & Refund Bug video

Aztercross Forge Farm Guide

Fallout Plays Guide to Counterbalance Mods

Aztercross Warlock Build – Curse of Chaos

Aztercross Hunter Build – Juju on the Beak

Aztercross Warlock Build – Chaotic Demolitionist

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