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Ep.27 - Pardon Our Dust…This Podcast is Experiencing Technical Difficulties

July 30, 2019

This week we dive right into spoilers with a combination of information from Bungie and datamined info from the Reddit’s. We go through in detail the quest steps, armor upgrades and Eververse items that are coming with the Solstice of Heroes 2019.

(Spoilers: 7:00 – 56:00 and 1:15:00 – 1:29:00)

We also cover the short and sweet This Week at Bungie for the 25th July 2019 and Peroty gives you his weekly update to the know issues, bugs and features that have been identified.

We also have you covered with any extra information from the Reddit's, Forums and Twitters. And always we have our tips, tricks and guides section which features some interesting YouTube videos this week.

Plus Respawn manages to sneak in a cheeky little rant about the Solstice of Heroes.

Apologies this week, Discord was playing up and Nitedemon sounds like a robot for most of the episode so some not so important dialogue was cut out (Don’t worry, nothing important)



Solstice of Heroes - Bungie

Solstice Datamine info on Reddit by JpDeathblade

This Week at Bungie – 25th July 2019

Manually Updating Destiny on PS4

Manually Updating Destiny on Xbox One

Destiny 2: Season of Opulence Known Issues thread

Destiny 2 Known Issues

Prometheus Lens Date Check

Reddit Post Regarding Armor Glows in Eververse

Not Masterworking Solstice Sets to pick up the 2.0 versions in Shadowkeep

Solstice Event Orb Info – Reddit Post

Not Losing Any Y2 Armor Sets Reddit Post

Crucible Spawn Locations Forum Post

Eververse Solstice Items:

EV-37 Void streak Sparrow

Flag on the Play


Breath In

Silly Handshake

Flick of the Wrist

Hip Bump

Tips, Tricks & Guides:

Houndish Solstice 2019 Guide Video

Cheese Forever Eververse Future Inventory (Solstice Weeks)

Cheese Forever Bright Dust Farm Guide

Rustopholis Traction Adds a Hidden +1 Mobility Video

Fallout Plays – Barrel Length Matters Video

Ninja Pups Knifeslinger 2.0 Build Video

Rustopholis Hallowfire Heart Fury Build

Rustopholis - Doomfang Pauldron Titan Build - The Banger 3.0

CoolGuy – A Case For Best Fusion Rile in PvP: The Merciless

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Destiny Item Manager

Ishtar Commander

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