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Ep. 70 - If Your Names Not Down, You’re Not Coming In!

May 25, 2020

This week we have a real treat for ya’ll. To celebrate our 70th episode, we have scouted the YouTube’s to bring you 70 weapon guides! We have guides for the weapons in the new loot pool coming on June 9th 2020 in season 11. Plus we went one better, we have a list of all (99.99% sure) the weapons which are leaving the collective loot pool at the end of season 10 and have found accompanying weapon reviews/god roll guides for weapons you might just want to get before season ends.

We cover the latest This Week at Bungie for May 21st 2020, the recent Hotfix’s and a few tips, trick, guides and builds thrown in for good measure. You are also blessed this week by not one but TWO! Respawn Rants.

We hope you enjoy. 



Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

Season 11 Loot Pool Weapons:

Going Away Weapons:

Menagerie Loot:

Menagerie Exclusive Loot:

  1. Austringer Hand Cannon - Fallout Plays
  2. Beloved Sniper - Fallout Plays
  3. The Epicurean Fusion Rifle
  4. Imperial Decree Shotgun - Fallout Plays
  5. Drang (Baroque) Sidearm - Drewskys Channel
  6. Calus MINI Tool Submachine Gun – Aztecross Gaming
  7. Fixed Odds Machine Gun - Marcusbgaming

Reckoning Weapons:

Exclusive Tier 3

Gambit Weapons:

Dreaming City Weapons: (Maybe still obtainable from Blind Well and Ascendant Challenges)

Useful Links:

Thank you to Alexander at Orange Free Sounds for all the sound effects used in our podcast.