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Ep.33 - Boarding the Hype Train to Shadowkeep

September 10, 2019

Lazy guts rejoins the gang this week for another feature length show where we take a deep dive into the upcoming changes coming to the crucible, PvP maps, game types, playlist, buffs and nerfs which were detailed in This Week at Bungie for the 5th of September 2019.

Peroty goes over the recent patch, in his patch notes review and covers a few outstanding issues with the game.

Respawn has a trio of topics where he reads, reminds and rants this week.

We also have our usual tips, tricks and guides and our competition to round off the show.

Possible Spoilers - 2:04:30 to 2:07:20


This Week At Bungie – 5th September 2019

Scorch Gameplay Example

Cross Save Contact Form

Help forum

Destiny 2 Update

6561 Ways to Play Each Sub-Class in Destiny 1

Paul Tassi Forbe Article on Season Pass

Say No To Rage – I was Wrong About the Raid Armor

Tips, Tricks & Guides:

Ninja Pups Infinate Score Nightfall

Mtashed – Rangefinder Perk video

CammyCakes Gaming – Luna/Rally Nerf

Aztercross – 10 Weapons for Shadowkeep

True Vanguard – Exposing the Secrets of Talented Snipers in D2

Diaside – Spare Rations/Redrix Broadsword God Roll PvP Perk Review - Shadowkeep

Aztercross – A New Meta – Redrix Broadsword

CammyCakes Gaming – Will Redrix Broadsword be Meta in Shadowkeep

Fallout Plays – Guide to Farming Spare Rations Hand Cannon

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