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Ep.34 - Pew, Pew, Chew, Chew

September 17, 2019

Welcome back to another fun filled week, where you can enjoy listening to two Titans bang their heads against a wall trying to explain to a Hunter how the game of Destiny 2 works.

We go over the latest information from This Week at Bungie for the 12th September 2019 covering the PvE weapon changes coming in Shadowkeep.

Respawn has a mini moan (not a rant), Peroty covers the patch notes and Nitedemon goes over the latest tips, tricks and guides from the Destiny world.

 Come with us as we travel aboard the hype train all the way to the Moon!


This Week at Bungie 9/12/19

New Light Page

#Help forum

CoolGuy Weapon Sandbox Update Video

Fallout Plays Weapon Sandbox Update Video

Luke Smith Interview – We Have Cool Friends

Tips & Tricks:

Two Titans and a Hunter Episode 26 – Iron Banner Quest Guide

Next Week Reckoning Rewards:

  • Lonesome Sidearm
  • Night Watch Scout
  • Sole Survivor Sniper
  • Last Man Standing Shotgun
  • Just In Case Sword – Tier 3 Only

Mesa Sean Weapon Mods Shadowkeep Mod Preperation Guide

Reddit - Weapon Mod List

Weapon Mod imgur Link

Ekuegan – Heart of Inmost Light Breakdown

Ekuegan – Dragonfly Baby Hammer

Ekuegan – Insta Reload Hunter Setup

Ekuegan – Doomsday God Roll

Fallout Plays Rifled Barrel vs. Full Choke

Banned Wipe – Better Tracking Rocket Secret

Banned Wipe – How to make Missile OP

Coolguy – 4 Underrated Perks

True Vanguard – Sidearm Hunter Build

Mtashed – Stun Lock Oryx

Mtashed – Reckoning Mod Farming

Sweatcicle Sole Survivor Sniper

Cheese Forever – 5 Reasons Why Armor 2.0 is Worse

Updated PvE Weapon DPS Damage Chart - Reddit

Google Doc – Weapon Spreadsheet

How to Farm Reckoning T3 at Maximum Efficiency - Reddit

Destiny 1 Taken King Raid Challenges:

Warpriest Raid Challenge Guide D1 - KackisHD

Goloroth Raid Challenge Guide D1 – KackisHD

Oryx Raid Challenge Guide D1 - KackisHD

Clan Spotlight:

Biohazardous Pickle Clan

Useful Links:

Guardian Hub Podcast

Guardian Hub Discord

The Guardian Hub Clan Link

Little Light Apple Link

Little Light Google Link


Destiny Item Manager

Ishtar Commander

Destiny 2 weekly & daily reset calendar


Fr0zen Clan Page


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