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Ep.35 - Chaff, Chafe, It All Hurts

September 24, 2019

This week we keep it short, sweet and to the point, as we know a lot of people will be busy finishing off quest, campaigns and farming. We cover the small amount of information from This Week at Bungie for the 19th of September 2019.

We briefly go over the latest ViDoc from Bungie, where they detail the 5 year plan for Destiny.  And we discuss some of the screenshots.

Wrapping up the this short week we have some cool tips, tricks and guides for New Light blueberries to the most grizzled & experienced guardians.

Plus don't forget we are still running our Emblem giveaway competition. Message No1RespawnsInRL on Xbox for details.


This Week at Bungie – September 19th 2019

Bungie ViDoc – The Moon & Beyond

Houndish- The Moon & Beyond ViDoc Breakdown

Tips, Tricks & Guides:

Cheese Forever - Jotunn Damage Buff/Bug Trick

Cheese Forever - Bad Luck Protection Reckoning Trick

Cheese Forever -  Bright Dust Farming with Bounty Notes

Cheese Forever - All 100 Season Battle Pass Rewards & Ranks

EK – Subsistence Breakdown & God Rolls

EK – Austringer God Roll PvE

EK – Etheric Spiral Farming

Fallout Plays Top 10 Before Shadowkeep

CammyCakes Gaming – Ether Doctor Video

CammyCakes Gaming Better(er) Devils Video

Sweatcicle – Ultimate Guide For New Players to Destiny 2

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