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Ep.37 - The One With All The Guides Pt.1 (Ft.Fuzko)

October 8, 2019

Another short show this week as we know you’ll all be off enjoying the game, like us. We are down a Respawn this week so we LFG’d a replacement fireteam member to help with the show.

With all the new things to do with Shadowkeep we have you covered with all the guides you would want, well for this week anyway.

Plus we cover the information from This Week at Bungie for the 3rd of October 2019 and a special treat for you this week. A Respawn Rants dramatic reading by Peroty and Nitedemon, what more could you want?


This Week at Bungie – October 3rd 2019

New Players Guide

Character Leveling Guides:

Ebontis - Leveling Guide – 750 to 950+

Fallout Plays – Guide for how to Power Level up to 950

Mtashed – How I Got From 750 Light to 931 in 20 Minutes

Cheese Forever - 5 Fast Ways to Power Level 900 for Alternative Characters

Cheese Forever Section:

New Players Video Guide

Easy Clan XP – AFK Forge Farming

How to Unlock Moon Chests (Hive Symbols)

Trove Guardian Pathway Has Opened

How to get the Orbital Cartographer Emblem

Tire Game – No Pressure Secret Triumph

Where to get Armor Mods & Weapon Mods

Free Powerful Engram with Bungie Rewards

Destiny Symbols in Display Names on PC

Super Mods Nerfed? – Old Armor Stats Breakdown

Turning Old Ornaments into Universal Ornaments Glitch


Mtashed - 100K Nightfall Guide

Jarv – How to Glitch in to the New Dungeon

Ninja Pups – How to farm Original Destiny 1 Loot in D2

Houndish - Deathbringer Exotic Rocket Launcher Guide

Houndish – Beginning of the Divinity Exotic Quest

Planet Destiny – All Jade Rabbit Locations

Planet Destiny – Essence of Greed Ethereal Charm Location

Planet Destiny – Essence of Failure Captive Cord Location

Planet Destiny – Essence of Vanity Horned Wreath Location

Glitch Tutorial – Solo Garden of Salvation Raid Chest

Fallout Plays – How to Unlock the Vex Offensive (Eyes on the Moon)

Ninja Pups - 9 Lost Dead Ghost Locations Guide

DPJ – Fastest XP Farms

DPJ – Loot Room Farm: Primes, Catalysts, Glimmer & More

Builds & Weapons:

Mtashed – New Hunter Build

Rustopholis – 15 Second Super (Hunters)

Mr. Fruit – Khvostov Weapon PvP Game play

Destiny Fun Police – Rapid Fire Pulse Meta

Destiny Fun Police – Vex Offensive Pulse Rifle

Aztercross Gaming:

Lectern of Enchantment Weapons (Best Rolls & Curated)

Love & Death Grenade Launcher Review

Crimson Exotic Hand Cannon Shadowkeep Review

Gambit Ritual Weapon - Exit Strategy Sub Machine Gun

Sweeter Business – Update Review

Cerberus+1 Masterwork Review

Peregrine Greaves + One-Two Punch Damage Test

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