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Ep.38 - The One With All The Guides Pt.2

October 15, 2019

Our lost and confused Hunter/3rd Titan Respawn has returned to the show in a subdued state this week, (thank the maker) to open the show with one of his trademark Respawn Rants.

We then forge our way through the latest This Week at Bungie for October 10th 2019 and give you all the extra details and breakdown on the new Iron Banner quest steps for season 8.

Peroty gives you his weekly update on what’s not fixed and all the extra news from the Twitters, Reddits and Forums.

We round the show off as we always do with all the latest guides, tips, tricks and cheeses. Again it is a bumper week for this information, so strap in and enjoy.


This Week at Bungie – October 10th 2019

New Players Guide

Destiny 2 Guided Support

Destiny 2 PC Guide


Ehroar Artifact Guide

Ninja Pups – How to get All Armor Mods

Destiny Set

Mtashed – Highest Possible Stats on Armor

Mtashed Guide – How to get the Best Armor Set in Shadowkeep

nKuch Easy 980 Master Nightfall Final Boss Guide

Cheese Forever 980 Master Nightfall Tips & Tricks

Ninja Pups – Full Garden of Salvation Raid Guide

KackisHD – Full Garden of Salvation Raid Guide For Dummies

nKuch – 10 Minute Guide for Garden of Salvation Raid

Professor Broman – Full Garden of Salvation Raid (with Divinity Solutions)


Destiny Fun Police – Broken Double Pump Action

Aztercross Guide – Knock, Knock Thunder Titan Build

Aztercross Guide – Magnetic Darkness Void Titan Build


Diaside – Vex Offensive God Roll Weapon Guide

Mtashed – Console’s New Best Hand Cannon

Mtashed – S Tier Weapon: Thorn Shadowkeep Showcase

Aztercross – Vigilance Wing Sandbox Update

True Vanguard – Showcase on the Omnicient Eye Sniper

Destiny Fun Police – Showcase on the Reckless Oracle

Aztercross Raid Pulse Rifle Showcase – Sacred Provenance

Mtashed – Shadowkeep Best Hand Cannon Perk

CammyCakes Gaming – Better Devils PvP Gameplay

Fallout Plays – Ritual Weapon Review: Randy’s Throwing Knife Scout

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