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Ep.39 - The One With All The Guides Pt.3 (Ft. TheDandiedSnail)

October 21, 2019

This week your three favorite guardians, plus one gate crashing guest bring you all the up to date information from the This Week at Bungie for the 17th October 2019, covering all the upcoming changes in Peroty’s Patch Note Preview.

Hunters of Destiny will rejoice in Respawn’s Titan and Warlock Nerf Gloating Section, where Respawn details in great pleasure the changes coming to these classes.

We cover the quest steps for the new exotic bow Leviathan’s Breath which becomes available at reset.

As usual, we also have you covered with the extra Destiny information from the community manager’s posts from the Twitters, Forums and Reddit.

We discuss our thoughts on the 950-960 light grind and is it worth it?

Plus more builds, guides, tips and tricks to help you enhance your game play from some of the best content creators in the Destiny world.


This Week at Bungie – 17th October 2019

Jarv – How to Glitch Into Banshee’s Workshop

Fashion Week tweet

Destiny 2 Hotfix

Console Load Time Testing: Why You Should Buy an SSD

Dashboard to Orbit

Xbox One: 2:48 / Xbox One X: 1:52 / Xbox One X w/ SSD: 0:58

Orbit to Courtyard (Tower)

Xbox One: 2:27 / Xbox One X: 1:57 / Xbox One X w/ SSD: 1:15

Orbit to Sanctuary (Moon)

Xbox One: 1:21 / Xbox One X: 1:11 / Xbox One X w/ SSD: 0:33

Orbit to The Scarlett Keep (Nightfall)

Xbox One: 1:21 / Xbox One X: 1:11 / Xbox One X w/ SSD: 0:33

Massive Breakdown of the Vex Offensive Weapons (Inc: Stats, Times-to-Kill, and Recommended Perks)

Short version: Courtesy of the Massive Breakdowns Podcast


iBluairJgR – Infinite Chaos Reach & Super Energy Warlock Build

Cheese Forever Grenade Charge Every 2 Kills Build

nKuch Broken Hunter Build

Aztercross – Liar’s Handshake + Thundercoil Mod Testing

Mtashed – Titan Build To Get You Banned

Fallout Plays – Broken Armor Set


Mtashed – Max Resilience Guide

Mtashed – Max Mobility Guide

Mtashed – Max Recovery Guide

Sweatcicle - Fast XP Farm Method (8000-10,000 per Minute)

Ninja Pups Nightfall: The Ordeal Guide


Drewsky – Magnificent Howl

Diaside – Randy’s Throwing Knife Ritual Weapon Review

Best of the Rest:

New Players Guide

Destiny 2 Guided Support

Destiny 2 PC Guide

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