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Ep.42 - Festival of the Lost Cause

November 11, 2019

It’s time to grab your towel and join us to find out the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. Well maybe not everything, maybe just a few things regarding Destiny 2 Shadowkeep.

With not too much detail in, This Week at Bungie for November 7th 2019 and the Hotfix We decide to turn our attention to our topic of the week and discuss the Festival of the Lost 2019 and Eververse.

We do still have our usual roundup of all the extra news and information as well as all the latest tips, tricks, builds & guides from the YouTube’s.

And don’t forget – DON’T PANIC!



This Week at Bungie November 7th 2019

Festival of the Lost 2019 Details

Festival of the Lost Guide

New Players Guide

Bungie Profile Code Redeem

Bungie Store

Bungie Store EU

Destiny 2 Guided Support

Destiny 2 PC Guide

Destiny 2 Ritual Reset Guide

Known Issues thread

#Help forum

999 Power Achieved – Dul Incaru Defeated

My name is Byf – The Truth behind 999 Shattered Throne

Crucible Labs Elimination Feedback

Momentum Control Forum Post

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

Fallout Plays – Garden of Salvation Challenge 1 Guide

Plunder thabooty – Best PVE Golden Gun Hunter Build

Plunder thabooty – Best PVE Titan Bubble Build

Mtashed – Overpowered Thundercoil Warlock Build

Mtashed – God Rolls in Your Vault

Cheese Forever Pit of Heresy Boss Tips & Tricks

Cheese Forever - Xenophage Easy Solo Dungeon Skip Encounters Guide

Datto – Pit of Heresy Solo Flawless Dungeon Guide

CrushTy – Pit of Heresy 6:06 WR Speed Run

CoolGuy – 3 PvP Tips to Know

Aztercross Gaming – Graviton Lance Re-Review (30% Buff)

Fallout Play – Apostate Sniper God Roll Guide

Aztercross – Weapons That Grew Stronger in Shadowkeep

Cheese Forever – Xenophage Max Heavy Ammo Gambit and PvE Exploit

Glitch Tutorial – Ride Sparrow Upside Down Glitch

Ascendant Nomad - Momentum Control Tips & Tricks

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