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Ep.44 - Burn Baby Burn (Ft. AZPlayz1128 & DragonSinM)

November 26, 2019

Welcome back followers of Respawn. We have a packed show for you this week. We are crashed once again by a couple of guests who help give their opinions on our discussion topics this week.

No ranting this week, maybe just a slight moan from your fearless Hunter leader.

We guide you through the This Week at Bungie for November 21st 2019 and the upcoming solar subclass changes coming in season 9, Season of Dawn.

Plus we have you covered with a detailed look at the exotic quest for the Xenophage (might be useful next season, just saying) and the weekly round-up of news, information, tips, tricks & guides.


This Week at Bungie November 21st 2019

Your Story Bungie Link

Your Story Reddit Link

Crucible Map Voting

New Players Guide

Bungie Profile Code Redeem

Bungie Store

Bungie Store EU

Destiny 2 Guided Support

Destiny 2 PC Guide

Destiny 2 Ritual Reset Guide

Known Issues thread

#Help forum

Mr. Fruit – Destiny 1: 60 Second Review of Gjallahorn

Arekkz – Destiny 1: Dragon’s Breath review

Destiny: The Official Cookbook

Destiny Grimoire Anthology Vol. Three

Houndish Imago Loop Review

Taken King Iron Banner Armor

Undying Mind Feedback

Loadouts Feedback

Rocket Launcher Feedback

Exotics having anti-champion Mods Feedback

Armor Affinities Feedback

Xenophage Quest K1 Codes

Destiny 2 subreddit

Sipder on reddit

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

KackisHD – Raid Challenge 3 Guide

Jarv - Epic Artifact Glitch

WoW Guide – Opening the Pit of Heresy

Planet Destiny – Pit of Heresy Encounters Guide

Cheese Forever – Skip Dungeon Encounters

Datto – Xenophage Quest Steps Guide

Cheese Forever – Yeet Raid Boss of the Map

Cheese Forever – Kill Zulmak Dungeon Boss Without Orbs

Cheese Forever – Insane Glimmer & Material Farm

Glitch Tutorial – Hunter Solo Morgeth

Glitch Tutorial – Hidden Area on Twilight Gap

Plunder thabooty - Making Blade Barrage Rain For Days

Jarv – Season of Dawn Prep Guide

Jarv – Insane Mod Farm

Jarv – Exit Strategy Guide

Jarv – Randy’s Throwing Knife Guide

Jarv – Edgewise Guide

Fallout Plays – Mindbenders Farm

Fallout Plays – Mindbenders Farm with Viewers Suggestions

Destiny Fun Police – Better Than Ever Malfeasance Hand Cannon

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