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Ep.45 - Shooting the Breeze (Ft. Fr0styHav0k & Detric)

December 3, 2019

You know what they say, no news is good news. Well… that just means we have no weekly Bungie information to relay to you fine guardians, but that doesn’t stop us from talking.

This week we welcome two special guests to join us as we just shoot the breeze and discuss the game that we love so much.

We have the few morsels of information from the Reddit’s Twitter’s & Forums to keep you up to date, plus the week’s selection of helpful tips, tricks, guides & builds.

So as always, join us on a journey of discovery, adventure and space magic with sprinkle of sugar.


This Week at Bungie – November 26th 2019

The Dawning Community Event - London

New Players Guide

Bungie Profile Code Redeem

Bungie Store

Bungie Store EU

Destiny 2 Guided Support

Destiny 2 PC Guide

Known Issues thread

#Help forum

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

JB3 – Finishing Glitch for Dummies

Cheese Forever – Payload Damage Exploit

Aztecross – How to Snipe in Competitive

Mtashed – New Meta is Nuts (Titan Build)

Diaside – God Roll Claws of the Wolf Guide

Destiny Fun Police – Fantastic Stochastic

True Vanguard – How to be a Titan Menace

Aztecross – Exotics for Dawn

Fallout Plays – Garden of Salvation Raid Challenge 1

Fallout Plays – Garden of Salvation Raid Challenge 4

Plunder thabooty – Making Top Tree Tether Rain for Days Too

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