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Ep.46 - Learning with Respawn (Ft. Season of Dawn Information)

December 9, 2019

With Nitedemon away, the kids will play… up.  Peroty and Respawn plan an American Revolution and ponder that eternal question, is this episode 47 or episode 46?

The guys take you through the This Week at Bungie for December 5th 2019, with added tips, tricks and opinions.


Season of Dawn Information

This Week at Bungie – 5th December 2019

Season of DawnTrailer

Twitch Reveal Stream

@DestinyTheGame Showing Subclass Changes

Items being removed at the end of Season of the Undying

Destiny Server and Update Status

New Mods Seen in the Reveal Stream

Season of Dawn Reveal Stream Rundown

All 100 Season Ranks for Season of Dawn

Niris Season of Dawn Calendar

Houndish - Big News Update

Hunter Sticky Knife Video

Golden Gun - 99k second shot -139k damage

One-Hit Throwing Knife

Warlock Flying Over Hellmouth

Titan Burning Maul Climbs a Wall

Spinning an Ogre to Death

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

Houndish - What's Going Away & How to Prep (Season of Dawn)

Jarv - Infinite Ammo Glitch

Fallout - MORE Hidden Exotic Perks

CammyCakes - Blasphemer is Incredible

Mtashed - The Highest Damage Weapons for Season of Dawn

Aztecross Gaming - Weapons for Season of Dawn you should have (New Artifact Mods)

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