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Ep.47 - The Dawning 2019 (Ft. The Guardian Hub Podcast)

December 16, 2019

This week you are in for a special treat as we have our second ever podmash between Two Titans a Hunter and the Guardian Hub Podcast! Again we are not sure whose podcast this is, so we welcome back Kingsley and Cyn to our show.

We have mashed together both formats of our podcasts to form one giant 2 hour opening to the Season of Dawn, where we cover the important points from This Week at Bungie for December 12th 2019, the recent 2.7.0 update and the upcoming month long Dawning event.

As well as all the latest tips, tricks, guides and build to help you enjoy the game more.


Update 2.7.0 Information

This Week at Bungie – 12th December 2019

Houndish: The Dawning 2018 Guide

The Dawning Community Event - London

New Players Guide

Bungie Profile Code Redeem

Bungie Store

Bungie Store EU

Season of Undying – Season Pass Link

Destiny 2 Guided Support

Destiny 2 PC Guide

Known Issues thread

#Help forum

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

Planet Destiny – Season of Dawn Guide

Planet Destiny – 15 Vex Chronometric Scrap Locations

Ehoar – What is Charged With Light?

Aztecross - Lord of Wolves Masterworked

Aztecross - Black Talon Masterworked

Mtashed – Unlimited Ammo Grenade Launcher Build

Fallout Plays – All Hunter Subclass Changes & Gameplay

Fallout Plays – All Titan Subclass Changes & Gameplay

Cheese Forever – Double Weapon Sundial Exploit

Cheese Forever – 4X Reserve Stacking

Cheese Forever – Game Breaking Heavy Ammo PvP & PvE Exploit

Cheese Forever – Free Powerful Engram Online

Cheese Forever – 1 Second Dodge Hybrid Build

Cheese Forever – Instant Super Glitch V2

Cheese Forever – Solo Telesto Catalyst Guide

CoolGuy – Rusted Lands PvP Map Guide

CoolGuy – Way of The Sharpshooter Build Guide

Plunder thabooty – Best PvE Titan Build

Plunder thabooty – Insane Warlock Build (Unlimited Grenades, Melee & Supers!)

Plunder thabooty – The Best Grenade Laucher

Jarv – Easy Komodo-4FR Guide

Jarv – Easy Python Guide

Jarv – Easy Buzzard Guide

Diaside – Old Fashioned Hand Cannon God Roll Guide

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