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Ep.49 - All Guardians Welcome

December 29, 2019

Happy Holiday’s guardians! Welcome to any new players this holiday season who have stumbled across us by accident or recommendation.

This week with Bungie on holiday and not much information available we decided to tweak the show slightly (Still all about Destiny). We thought that this might be a good time to go over some websites, guides and videos that might help new light players, Christmas guardians and maybe a few veteran players alike.

There is something for everyone this week, including a very special Repawn Remix at the end of the show.

So we hope you all enjoy this week’s episode and have a very, very happy new year!

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

Anamana! – Destiny 2 Beginners Guide for 2019

Anamana! – Where to Farm Cabal Bosses

Anamana! – Where to Farm Weekly Bounties

Anamana! – Where to Farm Taken Enemies

Anamana! – Destiny Beat Podcast

Houndish – New Titan, Hunter & Warlock Builds

Ebontis – New Players Guide for 2019

Ebontis – Patrols Explained

Ebontis – Heroic Public Events

Cheese Forever – Telesto Bubble Glitch

Jarv – Fast Dawn XP Farm

Jarv – Easy Fractaline Bug Guide

Jarv – Easy Three Birds, One Stone Bounty

CoolGuy – Uriel’s Gift 2.0          

Rustopholis – Bows Are Good

Plunder thabooty – Unlimited Sword & Super Titan Build

Plunder thabooty – New God Rolls to Farm

Channels to Check Out:


Aztecross Gaming

Fallout Plays

The Jez


Plunder thabooty

Cheese Forever






True Vanguard


Ninja Pups





Myelin Games

My Name is Byf

Useful Links:

Guardian Hub Podcast

Guardian Hub Discord

The Guardian Hub Clan Link

Destiny Roundup

Destiny Tracker

Destiny Podcast List

Guardian Theater

Little Light Apple Link

Little Light Google Link


Destiny Item Manager

Ishtar Commander


Other Links:

New Players Guide

Bungie Profile Code Redeem

Bungie Store

Bungie Store EU

Destiny 2 Guided Support

Destiny 2 PC Guide

Known Issues thread

#Help forum


Fr0zen Clan Page



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