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Ep.51 - They didn’t fix it, they just moved the problem to Telesto (Ft.AZPlayz1128)

January 14, 2020

This week our third wheel is back and he has brought a forth to help prop up the podcast. Bungie is also back from their winter break with a very light on information This Week at Bungie.

We have all the usual info and news to keep you up to date with this glorious game, plus all the best tips, tricks guides and builds this week from those fabulous youtubers!

And because Santa said you had all been good last year, Respawn has not one but two treats for you this week!


This Week at Bungie January 9th 2020

Jarv – Twilight Gap Redjack Locations

Bungie’s restrictions and bans policies

Appeal Contact Form For a Restriction or Ban

Report Suspected Cheating


NSW Rural Fire Service

Anamana! Bush Fire Appeal

Known Issues article

Hollywood Reporter Article

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds: 

CoolGuy - Devil’s Ruin Review with Tips & Tricks

Cheese Forever – Rapid Fire Exploit for Devil’s Ruin

Aztecross Gaming – Devil’s Trick Hunter Build

Aztecross Gaming – Hammer of Dawn Warlock Build

Aztecross Gaming – Steelfeather Repeater God Roll Guide

Ehroar – X2 One Two Punch Stacking

Plunder thabooty – Most Toxic Build PvP Warlock Build

Pluder thabooty – Best Warlock PvE Build

Fallout Plays – Does Quickdraw Max Handling? How Does Slideshot Work?

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