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Ep.52 - Lost in Time (Ft. odst mayhem 62)

January 20, 2020

This week we discuss the community puzzle that has cropped up with the new corridors of time quest. UPDATE: The puzzle has been solved and granted access to the new exotic fusion rifle Bastion. (We have included the solution & quest guide in the links by Houndish)

We cover the rest of the This Week at Bungie for the 16th September 2020 and the upcoming event for the weekly rest on Tuesday 21st September 2020.

Plus we have our top picks for tips, tricks and guides for the week. And as always our amazing whit, charm and good looks to guide you through another glorious week.


Hotfix Details

Guardians for Australia Details

This Week at Bungie January 16th 2020

Ebontis – Corridors of Time Guide & Explanation

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

Cheese Forever - Wishender 12x Damage Exploit after patch

Cheese Forever – Solo Second Chest in Last Wish Raid on Hunter

Destiny Fun Police – My God Roll Shotgun

CoolGuy – Breachlight Sidearm Review & PvP/PvE Roll Guide

Aztecross Gaming - Exotics and Weapons that BREAK the Crucible 

Badass Gaming – Top 10 Things Noobs do in D2

Houndish – Corridors of Time Solution & Bastion Quest

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