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Ep.53 - January Blues (Ft. Vadodi)

January 28, 2020

Welcome to Two Warlocks and a Warlock, a Destiny 2 Podcast!

We kick off with This Week at Bungie for January 23rd 2020 we dive into the Corridors of Time puzzle discussions from Bungie and give our views on the hot topic.

Peroty & Respawn have you covered with all the additional news, information, known issues and patch note previews!

We give our views on a few more topics this week from Iron Banner questing to Xur and curated exotics.

And as always a few of the latest YouTube videos to help guide all our Warlock brethren to success!


This Week at Bungie January 23rd January 2020

Corridors of Time Feedback

Mercy Rule Feedback

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

Aztecross Gaming – The Perfect 720 Auto Rifle

Aztecross Gaming – Celestial Ahamkara

Cool Guy – Pt.1:  We Need A Vendor Refresh

Cool Guy – Pt.2: No More Surprises

Cool Guy – Bastion, Don’t Use It Wrong

Destiny Fun Police – Bastion Build

Fallout Plays – What Can You Reflect With Antaeus Wards

Fallout Plays – Top 10 Most Farmable God Tier Weapons

LuCKyy 10p – Hunter Infinite Invisibility Build

Cheese Forever – Solo Loot 6 Raid Chest in Last Wish

Cheese Forever – Mechanic Based God Mode

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