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Ep.54 - Elementary, My Dear Telesto (Ft. Squirelockholms)

February 4, 2020

This week we are joined by a very special guest, Breaker of Games, Squirelockholms. Who gives us a peek behind the curtain into the world of glitching.

We have all the latest news & information from the update 2.7.1 & This Week at Bungie for January 30th 2020.

In this week’s tips, tricks builds and guides, we have some important links to help with the Empyrean Foundation effort, Corridors of Time glitching and some more Destiny 2 YouTube channels & videos for you to check out.

Season of the (redacted) Spoilers: 1:13:30 - 1:21:00

We finish off the show by asking that important question of…Who let the dogs out? Who?... Who? Who?


This Week at Bungie January 30th January 2020

Update 2.7.1 Details

Twitch Prime Details

Destiny 2 Twitch Prime website

Ebontis – Polarized Fractaline Empyrean Foundation Donations

NSW Rural Fire Service


Raid Secrets - Corridors of Time Glitch

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

Squirelockholms – Camera Mode 2.0 Tutorial

Squirelockholms – Infinite Heavy Ammo Glitch

Cheese Forever – Double Finisher Mod Glitch

Cheese Forever – Scavenger Mod Bug

Cheese Forever – 20% Damage Exploit for PvP & PvE

Glitch Tutorial – Pit of Heresy Skip Tunnels

Aztecross Gaming – Hunter Frost Knife Build

Aztecross Gaming – Hard Light 2.71. Update Review

Azrecross Gaming – Breakneck 2.7.1Update Review

BRAVExHERO – Titan Improve Your Survivability 150% Build

BRAVExHERO – The Spare Rations Roll

BRAVExHERO – CompTips Mastering Audio & Visual Cues

BRAVExHERO – Don’t Do These In Comp

BRAVExHERO YouTube Channel

Squirelockholms YouTube Channel

JB3 YouTube Channel

Casperity YouTube Channel

Bakengangsta YouTube Channel

Useful Links:

Guardian Hub Podcast

Guardian Hub Discord

The Guardian Hub Clan Link

Destiny Roundup

Destiny Tracker

Little Light Apple Link

Little Light Google Link


Destiny Item Manager

Ishtar Commander


Other Links:

New Players Guide

Bungie Profile Code Redeem

Bungie Store

Bungie Store EU

Destiny 2 Guided Support

Destiny 2 PC Guide

Known Issues thread

#Help forum

Fr0zen Clan Page


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