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Ep.55 - What’s Love Got To Do With It? (Ft. Froggy618157725)

February 11, 2020

This week we welcome Froggy618157725 to the show to discuss the art of PvM (Player vs. Map) and find out some really interesting details about Destiny 2.

We also have you covered with all the latest Crimson Day’s 2020 event details with some added tips and tricks to help you out.

Then we have all the details from This Week at Bungie for February 6th 2020 and a roundup of all the other week’s news and information from the Reddits, Twitter and Forums.

We make a huge mistake and let Respawn have another segment of his own, with what he is calling: Story Time with Respawn.

Plus it wouldn’t be our show without a song. This week, Respawn brings you a very special rendition of an all time classic love song at the end of the show, for all you valentines out there.


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Crimson Days Event Details

2018 Crimson Day’s rewards by Houndish

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Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

Squirelockholms – Infinite Dawnblade Super

Squirelockhoms – Infinite Dawnblade with Healing & Empowering Wells

Cheese Forever – Infinite Hunter Arcstrider

Cheese Forever – Infinite Multi Kill Clip

BRAVExHERO – Warlock Team Recovery

Aztecross Gaming – Dedicated Healer

Destiny Fun Police – Toxic Hunter PvP Build

CoolGuy – Sundial Weapon for Next Season

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