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Ep.56 - Obviously, They Did Not Have Skill Based Matchmaking Enabled

February 17, 2020

Light in content and news this week from the world of Destiny 2, but we still manage to stretch it into nearly 2 hours of a show for your pleasure.

In this week’s show, we cover the hotfix’s and character rollbacks that have happened in the last week. We discuss the juicy morsel of information about next season’s changes with armor and mods from This Week at Bungie for February 13th 2020. Plus you get a very weak Respawn Rants about his feelings on the topic.

To close us out, we have a few tips, tricks, guides and builds to keep you going in the next week’s Iron Banner and Sundial activities.





Outage & Rollback Details

This Week at Bungie February 13th 2020

IFrostBolt – Two Titans and a Hunter Shout Out

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

Ehroar – Simple & Powerful Charge with Light Builds

Ehroar – Fastest Solo Whisper Mission (4:45)

BRAVExHERO – Rift Bow Build

BRAVExHERO – Swash 44 Titan Build

Cheese Forever – Easy God Roll Armour & Powerful Friends Glitch

Froggy618157725 – Garden Of Salvation Veiled Statue

Diaside –Steelfeather Repeater God Roll Guide

Fallout Plays – Stability Explained (In-Depth)

Fallout Plays – Jack Queen King Hand Cannon God Roll

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