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Ep.59 - We’re Not Worthy

March 9, 2020

This Week we go over a few missed details from last week’s show regarding the return of Trials of Osiris and the 3 returning PvP maps from Destiny 1.

We run through the new season details from the trailer and webpage, covering the roadmap, exotics and community speculations.

As always we give you the latest info from This Week at Bungie for March 5th 2020, which covers a few more patch notes on exotic changes, power progression, investment and fashion. Lol

Plus we have some tips, tricks and guides sprinkled around in this week’s show, from map walkthroughs to god mode glitches.


Season of the Worthy Details

Season of the Worthy Trailer

Bungie Covid-19 Update

This Week at Bungie – March 5th 2020


 Destiny Server and Update Status

Creations page 

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

CoolGuy - 6 Sleeper Trials Weapons (Easy Farm)

CoolGuy – Massive Exotic Changes

Noxus323 – Anomaly Map Walkthrough

True Vanguard - Anomaly Trials Clutch Breakdowns

My Name is Byf – Cauldron Map First Look

Ms 5000 Watts – Trials Cauldron Tips & Tricks

Playstation – Exodus Blue PvP Walkthrough

True Vanguard – Exodus Blue Trials Strats

NKuch – Simple Strats for Trials on Anomaly

Planet Destiny 4th Horseman Review

Aztecross Gaming – Armour Changes 2.8.0

Cheese Forever – Top 15 Crazy Exploits in Season of Dawn

Cheese Forever – White Nail Bug

Cheese Forever – Unlimited Heavy Infusion Fodder

Cheese Forever – Titan God Mode Part 1

Cheese Forever – Titan God Mode Part 2

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