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Ep.61 - It’s Not Synergy, It’s a Wombo Combo (Ft. Blue Screen 42)

March 23, 2020

This week we welcome back Blue Screen 42 to the show and get his feedback on the new season and power leveling. We also discuss our enjoyment playing Trials of Osiris on the opening weekend and for the forthcoming Iron Banner of the new season.

Respawn defies the dictionary meaning and teaches us why it’s not called synergy; it’s called a wombo combo. Plus to help point you in the right direction, we have all the usual tips, tricks, guides and builds.

We hope you are all keeping safe and well, and remember be careful who you shoulder charge!

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Update 2.8.1

This Week at Bungie – March 19th 2020

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Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

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Cheese Forever – God Mode Sentinel Titan

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Cheese Forever – Warmind Cell Crazy Arc Glitch

BRAVExHERO – Maximum Confusion Hunter Build

Froggy618157725 – OOB: Inside The Seraph Bunkers

Ekuegan – Seventh Seraph Submachine Gun Review

Drewsky – God Roll Astral Horizon Shotgun

CoolGuy – Suros Regime Vs Hard Light

True Vanguard – 4th Horseman/Antaeus Wards Build

Aztecross Gaming – Everything About Swords in 2.8.0

Ehroar – Best Warmind Cell Buillds For each Character

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