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Ep.62 - We’ve Fixed Everything

March 30, 2020

Welcome to your weekly dose of Destiny delights. This week we decide by pure accident to solve some of Destiny’s biggest problems. The ongoing debate over Gambit or Gambit Prime, keeping Trials of Osiris fresh and vault space (well maybe not that last one).

Covering the news and information from This Week at Bungie for March 26th 2020 and all the Destiny Twitter, Reddit and forum post of the last week.

And pointing you in the direction of some really cool videos to help you out from the world of the Tubes which are You!

Keep safe and well guys and girls.


Community Focus: CoolGuy

This Week at Bungie – March 26th 2020

Ascendant Nomad – Skill Creep in Trials

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

CoolGuy – Celerity Weapon Perk Makes You Unstoppable

Houndish – Insane New Builds

Ehroar – Infinite Health Build

iBluair JgR – Tips & Tricks with Warmind Cells

Ascendant Nomad YouTube Channel

Ascendant Nomad – Perfect Positioning in PvP

Aztecross Gaming – 3 Buffs to Breakneck Auto Rifle

Aztecross Gaming – Best Auto Rifle in Destiny 2

Fallout Plays – Solo Whisper of the Worm Guide (Bugged Mission)

CoolGuy – Redrix Excels in 3v3 Elimination

BRAVExHERO – Don’t Get Tunnel Vision

Mtashed – 6 Tips to Improve Fast in Crucible

Mtashed – Eye of Sol Vs Revoker Sniper

Cheese Forever – Keeping Trials Tokens Past Weekly Reset

Cheese Forever – Trials Bounty Token Tip

Cheese Forever – Infinite Warmind Cell Glitch on Titans

Cheese Forever – Citan’s Ramparts 10 Second Cool down Build

Cheese Forever – Easy Overload Rounds Stun Trick

Destiny Fun Police – Hollow Earth Auto Rifle is Amazing

Jarv – Fast Worthy XP Farm Guide

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