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Ep.63 - The Old Switcheroo

April 6, 2020

This week, we cover the very, very light; This Week at Bungie for April 2nd 2020 and the rest of the news and hot topics from around the Destiny community (Thanks to Destiny

We also have a few videos for you to check out from the YouTube’s, to help you out in the world of Destiny.

And because we fixed Destiny in last week’s episode we decided to keep you all entertained by switching up our job rolls on the show this week.

Again, stay safe and well guardians!



This Week at Bungie – April 2nd 2020

Shaxxercise Video

The Story of Shaxxercise

Report Suspected Cheating

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

Khepri’s Sting 150% Buff (One Hit Melee)

Cheese Forever – Converting Prisms and Shards

Drewskys Channel – Effectiveness of Unflinching Mods

CoolGuy – Raiju’s Harness In Depth Review

Froggy618157725 – There and Back Again, A Titan’s Tale

True Vanguard – Top 10 Tips for Winning Trials Rounds in D2

Mtashed – Skip Grenade Hunter Build for Trials

Cheese Forever – Seraph Tower Public Event Cheese

Cheese Forever – Faster Seraph Tower Public Event Cheese

iBluairJgR – Seventh Seraph SMG Loadout

Fallout Plays – Celerity Perk

April Fools Videos:

Holtzmann – Edge Transit Review

Ascendant Nomad – 10 Tips to Improve in the Crucible

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Destiny Item Manager

Ishtar Commander


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