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Ep.64 - We’re Here To Fix Things

April 13, 2020

Back again, bringing you all the week’s news and information from This Week at Bungie for April 9th 2020, Twitter, Reddit and the Bungie Forums (Thanks to

Sorry it’s a bit late we missed informing you of the Bungie Covid-19 fundraising initiative, but we have include the blog post if you did want to get involved with helping donate.

Also in this week’s tips, tricks, builds and guides we have included 2 videos that we forgot to include in the show. One from Fallout Plays with a very interesting, yes that’s what we will call it, interesting build for the Titans and an in depth review from CoolGuy on the Titan Exotic gauntlets the Citan’s Ramparts.


This Week at Bungie – April 9th 2020

Erika Ishii (AKA Ana Bray) Q&A

Community Focus: Niris

Guardian’s Heart – Covid-19 Fundraiser

Movie of the Week – I Collect Motes Not Deposit Them

Honorable Mention – Don’t Tell Zavalla

Report Suspected Cheating

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

Fallout Plays – What Can You Reflect with Antaeus Wards P2

Froggy618157725 – The Quantum Finisher

Froggy618157725 – Messing Around in Echion Hold

Froggy618157725 – Checking Out the Infinite Forest

Squirelockholms – Finisher Wall Breach Guide

Cheese Forever – Solo Morgeth, Glittering Key Wall Breach Method

Cheese Forever – Infinite Grenades, Melee & Rift Anywhere with Warmind Cells

Cheese Forever – Relay Exploit GoS Raid Boss 0-100 Cheese

Jarv – Epic Ether Doctor Farm

Destiny Fun Police – The Forward Path Auto Rifle

CammyCakes Gaming – My 2nd Favorite Exotic PvP Commentary

CoolGuy – Old Fashioned Hand Cannon & Exile’s Curse Fusion PvP Commentary

CoolGuy – Citan’s Ramparts In Depth Review

Fallout Plays – Titan Loadout Guaranteed to Burn For This!

Flawless Shoulder Charge Trials Views:

Gladd - Flawless Shoulder Charge Trials

ZkMushroom - Flawless Shoulder Charge Trials

IFrostBolt - Flawless Shoulder Charge Trials

DCP – Firing Range Podcast:

Ep1 – Hand Cannons

Ep2 – Trials Of Osiris Loadouts – Auto Rifles

Ep3 – Best Sniper Rifles

Crucible Radio Podcast:

Crucible Radio YouTube Page

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Destiny Item Manager

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