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Ep.67 - Hokey Religions and Ancient Weapons Are No Match For a Good Blaster at Your Side, Kid

May 4, 2020

This week we have a few discussions around the issues that were brought up in This Week at Bungie for April 30th 2020.

We let you know about all the known and un-know issues. Plus the recent Tweets, Reddit and forum post news and information.

Also in our tips, tricks, guide and builds links we have included 2 extra Cheese Forever videos that we couldn’t include in the show.

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This Week at Bungie –30th April 2020

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Trials Report

Tips, Tricks, Guides & Builds:

CoolGuy - Hard Light Post

Ebontis – Best Subclasses For Laurels

Planet Destiny – Best 600RPM Auto Rifles Post

Jarv – Grandmaster Cheese: Exodus Crash

Cheese Forever – Grandmaster Cheese: Exodus Crash

Ekuegan – GrandMaster Nightfall Weapon Suggestions

Mtashed – Electric Gods

GamingAnimal – Rarest Shaders in Destiny 2

Pattycakes Gaming – Advance Hunter Movement

BRAVExHERO – How to use Hunter Spike Grenades

Fallout Plays – Antaeus Wards: Mythbusting

Fallout Plays - Swords 101

Cheese Forever – Hunter Telesto Glitch

Cheese Forever – Solo Morgeth Yeet Glitch 3.0

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Destiny Item Manager

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Known Issues thread

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