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Two Titans And A Hunter Ep.20 - Doing the Merengue

June 10, 2019

This week we kick off the podcast with Respawn’s Raid Report, where he goes into detail about his experience in the race for the world’s first Crown of Sorrow raid attempt.

We briefly cover the patch notes update and have a quick glance at what is happening in This Week at Bungie for the 6th June 2019.

For our main section Peroty has a breakdown of the future of Bungie & Destiny 2, with all the information you need to know now from the ViDoc and more.

We also have our usual updates from the Twitters, Reddit and Forums. Plus a few tips videos from the YouTube have to help you in enjoying playing more.

  • Minor Crown of Sorrow raid spoilers: 6:50:00 - 30:10:00
  • The Future of Bungie & Destiny 2 Highlight Reel: 1:22:00


This Week at Bungie – 6th June 2019

Destiny Update Patch Notes

This Week at Bungie - 5/23/2019

Destiny 2: Season of Opulence Known Issues

Destiny 2 Known Issues

Bungie Rewards

Bungie store

#Help forum


Future of Bungie:

Out of the Shadows ViDoc

The Next Chapter for Destiny 2 Twitch Replay

Shadowkeep available on September 17, 2019

US - $34.99

UK - £29.99

AU - $54.95

Bungie Shadowkeep & Pre-Order Info

European Bungie Store

Bungie Cross Save Info

Bungie New Light Info

Google Stadia Info 

What is Cross Save? 

How will Cross Save work? 

Crucible Labs – DMG Tweet

News & Info Links:

Collection Improvements Reddit Post

Feedback about the Pursuits tab has been heard. (Reddit2

Exotic Catalysts Reddit Post

Challenging Titles Feedback - Forums

Featured Videos:

Aztercross Video on the Sandbox Update

Planet Destiny Wendigo Grenade Launcher Guide & Review

Aztercross Hush Bow Guide & Review

Fallout Plays Revoker Sniper Guide & Review

FalloutPlays video on What is Bloom?

HOUNDISH Menagerie Weapon Roll Guide

Planet Destiny Guide on How to Farm Imperials

Other Links:

BunnyBot5000 Chalice Spreadsheet

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Little Light Apple Link

Little Light Google Link


Destiny Item Manager

Ishtar Commander

Destiny 2 weekly & daily reset calendar


Fr0zen Clan Page




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