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Ep.25 - Good Juju, Bad Karma

July 16, 2019

We have you covered for another week of news, information tips and tricks from the Destiny universe. Peroty & Respawn start the show off without British dad to keep things in order, going over update

Then order is restored (well, sort of) when Nitedemon arrives to steer the show back in the right direction, going over the This Week at Bungie for July 11th 2019 and the additional information from the reddits, forums and Twitter.

For this week’s main topic we have got you covered with tips and tricks and guides on how to complete the tribute hall, the boons of opulence and the Bad Juju exotic quest. (Starts at 35:35)

Plus we have a couple of weapon guides and clan finders follow up to finish up this week.



This Week at Bungie – 11th July 2019

Destiny 2: Season of Opulence Known Issues thread

Destiny 2 Known Issues

Exotic Hand Cannon Fatigue Forum Discussion

Scout Rifle Buff Forum Discussion

Escort Mission Forum Discussion

Sparrow Horn Forum Discussion

DMG (Dylan) Forum Feedback Post

Menagerie Chest Nerf Forum Discussion

Triumphs/Tribute Percentage Discussion on Reddit

Tips, Tricks & Cheese:

Thebunge Reddit post - Tribute Hall Cheese Guide

Cheese Forever – Tribute Hall Cheese Guide – Guardian Info

Cheese Forever guide to get 8-12% Daily Discount in the Tribute Hall

Acceptable Tribute Weapons & Armour List

Cheese Forever guide to get 8-12% Daily Discount in the Tribute Hall

Infinite Super in Tribute Hall by Glitchtutorial

Infinite Hunter Super by Glitchtutorial

MesaSean Bad Juju Solo mission Walkthrough guide

Cheese Forever Bad Juju Tips video

Cheese Forever AFK forges video

Datto Last Wish Guides, Advice & Challenges

Mtashed Scourge Raid for Noobs video

Datto Scourge Raid Part 1

Datto Scourge Raid Part 2

Ninja Pups Crown of Sorrow Full Raid Guide

Ninja Pups Shadow Title Guide

Fallout Plays Imperial Decree God Roll video

Banned Wipe Better Devils weapon guide

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