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Ep.29 - Cowboys & Aliens

August 12, 2019

This week Nitedemon has returned to bring stability and decorum to the podcast. But that doesn’t last long.

We cover the need to know information from this week at Bungie for the 8th August 2019 and detail the upcoming PC move, cross save and road to launch events happening this August.

Peroty gives us his player support report with a rundown on changes to the game, known issues; refer a friend and the upcoming hotfix

Respawn goes over the additional news & information for the week and we also get a little summary of how Nitedemon is doing with his Solstice grind.

Finishing up this short but sweet week we have the usual tips, tricks and guides that other podcast are unwilling to talk about.


This Week at Bungie – 8th August 2019

PC Move Info

Cross Save Info

Bungie Twitch

Bungie YouTube

Bungie Mixer

@BungieHelp - Twitter

Refer-a-friend Destiny 2

Tips & Tricks:

EAZ Chest Locations - Shoutout to u/Rain-Junkie

Cheese Forever - Majestic Armor Cheeses Including Shattered Throne

Cheese Forever - Staying Off Radar After Invis

Cheese Forever - 30 Second Chaos Reach Longest Kamehameha in Destiny

Destiny Fun Police - The Best Auto Rifle In Destiny 2

FalloutPlays (featuring CammyCakes) - What Does Targeting Adjuster Do?

FalloutPlays - What Does Icarus Grip Do?

Aztercross - Crown of Ashes (Crown of Tempests + Arc Web)

 Aztecross - Liar's Handshake vs Wormgod Caress (Melee Damage Comparison)

NinjaPups - Fastest Methods for Upgrading Solstice Armor! - Cheese Steps/Tips for MMXIX Title


Ronald’s Hotdog Club – No longer exisits (Sorry)

Honey Bunches of Motes Clan

Heart Surgery for the Win Clan

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