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Ep.30 - I Only Use my Guns for Special Occasions (Ft.Celestial Talons)

August 20, 2019

This week we have a mammoth show for you, with our massive breakdown on all the information from Bungie last week. Managing to cut down 4 hours of rambling into an understandable podcast (well hopefully).

We have a full breakdown of all the Luke Smith Directors Cuts 1-3 and the Armor 2.0 information from the armor customization preview.

We also have a recap of the This Week at Bungie for 15th August 2019. Plus Peroty’s Preparation Guide for the PC move from to Steam and the information for the upcoming cross save.

We have our usual tips, tricks & guides which are currently still relevant before Shadowkeep arrives.

Finishing this week we have a PS4 clan focus and I think we forgot to mention, we have a guest!

Because it’s a long one this week here is a handy time notes for each section:

  • Luke Smith Directors Cut part 1 4:30 to 1:04:40
  • Respawn Rant Part 1 - 41:40 - 47:25
  • Armor 2.0 Breakdown 1:04:40 - 1:41:00
  • Respawn Rant Part 2 - 1:25:30 - 1:41:00
  • Musical Interlude 1:41:00 - 1:41:20
  • Luke Smith Directors Cut Part 2 1:41:20 - 1:58:00
  • Luke Smith Directors Cut Part 3 1:58:00 - 2:32:30
  • This Week at Bungie 2:32:30 - 2:34:00
  • Peroty's Preparation Guide 2:34:00 - 2:36:45
  • Tips, Tricks & Guides 2:36:45 -2:44:55
  • Clan Focus 2:44:55 - 2:47:40


Luke Smith - Directors Cut Part 1

Luke Smith – Directors Cut Part 2

Luke Smith – Directors Cut Part 3

Bungie Armor 2.0 ViDoc

Armor 2.0 Mod Spreadsheet Info

This Week at Bungie – 15th August 2019

Solstice of Heroes - Bungie

Bungie rewards

Destiny 2: Season of Opulence Known Issues thread

Destiny 2 Known Issues

PC Move Info

Steam’s Support Page

Account Security Guide

Builds & Guides:

Ninja Pups - Best Way to Farm Bright Dust in Season of Opulence (And Tips for Shadowkeep)

Jarv - Mod Components Farm

Cheese Forever - Xur is Selling Annual Pass Exotic Stronghold

Fallout - I'm A Terrible Person - Handheld Supernova + Contraverse Hold, OP PvP Build

Aztecross - Chopper Gunner Build

Cool Guy - The Keanu Greaves Build

CammyCakes - Sweet Sweet Business

CammyCakes - The only kinetic shotty with Quickdraw

CammyCakes - Best Shotgunning Build for a Hunter

Clan Link: 

Over-Powered-Ness Clan Link

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Guardian Hub Discord

The Guardian Hub Clan Link

Little Light Apple Link

Little Light Google Link


Destiny Item Manager

Ishtar Commander

Destiny 2 weekly & daily reset calendar


Fr0zen Clan Page


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